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Life Balance

Get help by Jordan B. Peterson

Looking to find a balance in life?

Feeling desperate? 

Professor Jordan B. Peterson has an answer for you.

He compiled a list of things, which are necessary to feel fulfilled in life.

So even a small effort for each one of them everyday can make a big difference.

And this app is here to bring some help along the way:

- Keep track of all of those important things.

- Try to scratch all of them down everyday, even if you did a small effort, it sill counts!

- Keep pushing yourself and watch circle of balance closely!

Go ahead and start making a difference today!


Three Notes

Useful and Mindful Lock Screen

    This time I am taking you to a small journey. Prepare for unexpected!

    This app has some unorthodox design which will drift you away from your everyday    problems and help you think about bigger picture. 

    This is almost like meditation. Think about what’s really significant for you. Make just three most important notes and remind yourself daily right from your lock screen. 

    Explore amazing photos provided by Unsplash and set them as wallpapers. Personalize experience with beautiful hand selected fonts.

    Don’t wait and start a journey within yourself!


Social Heatmap
Connect with people nearby

    Want to go somewhere to see and meet people right now? Social Heatmap will help you discover places which attract more people at the moment. Easily explore your city and see for yourself where people are checking in and spending time together. 

    Data provided by foursquare will help you find a place of interest, get helpful tips, details of a place and directions to it. 

    If you’re curious you can always explore map for the most popular places for all the time. 

    Don’t keep wondering and find you exactly where to head next to spend some time and meet people.


Brushout - 2 Minute Dental Workout

    This is my pilot project aimed towards people of all ages, expecially kids. I created it because I think there's a problem with people's dental health habits and routines and I want to improve it. I have had some myself and had to learn proper dental care the hard way. So I made shortcut app for you!

    How exacly will it help you?

    Dentists suggest brushing 2 times a day for at least 2 minutes is necessary to maintain your dental health. Brushout will help you with proper routine, reminders and progress tracking.